Koza Housing is a housing agency based in Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan. We cater to the local and foreign population on Okinawa by providing quality housing and apartment rentals. If you're looking to rent a house, duplex, or apartment, our website will be of great assistance.
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Latest Additions
La Bella
Nearest Base: Courtney
Size: 1700 ft²
Price: ¥350,000
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Nearest Base: Foster
Size: 1200 ft²
Price: ¥230,000
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The Rycome Hills 102
Nearest Base: Kadena
Size: 900 ft²
Price: ¥200,000
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Premium Daini Yogi
Nearest Base: Kadena
Size: 600 ft²
Price: ¥165,000
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Flat M-2A
Nearest Base: Kadena
Size: 1400 ft²
Price: ¥180,000
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Flat M-2A
Nearest Base:Kadena
Gate 2
Size:1400 square feet